Pool Safety

Drowning is continually one of the leading killers of children between the ages of birth and 5 years old. Unfortunately, for every child that drowns, several more “near drowning” experiences occur, possibly disabling the child for the rest of his or her life. Pool safety is vital to the lives of small children and Pool Barrier™ swimming pool fences aim to help secure the swimming pool area.

In almost 70% of child drowning cases, the parents were supervising when the accident happened. Sadly, most parents report seeing the child only moments before the accident occurred and rarely report hearing a cry for help or a splash. Forty percent of the time, the person responsible for supervising was doing house or yard work. These numbers raise a lot of questions, but most notably, why do these children have access to an unprotected pool? Many families aren’t even aware that safety pool fencing exists.

Installing and becoming familiar with pool fence safety is important, but layering your protection is best. From the inside of the house to the pool area, there needs to be a series of alerts and preventative methods that ensure that children do not have access to the pool.

Here are some tips to ensuring child safety:
• Keep a close watch on your child. This may seem elementary, but it’s step number one, and perhaps, the most important step.
• Doors should be equipped with an alarm that sounds when they are opened.
• Install a swimming pool fence equipped with self-latching gates. This creates a worry-free barrier between your child and the pool.
• Get CRP trained. Your sitter and others responsible for supervision should be certified, too.
• Install a pool alarm that sends an alert when the pool is being accessed.

Prevention is the best way to avoid drowning accidents. Take action and arm yourself with the necessary equipment and knowledge.

Close parental supervision
Door alarms that sound when door is accessed
Self latching gates on perimeter yard fences
Child Resistant pool fencing
Swim lessons
CPR training
Pool Alarms

Each of the items listed are useful, and certainly play their part in swimming pool safety, but as you’ll learn during our training phase, only one is recognized as an effective tool in keeping the toddler away from the potential source of danger, giving the parents time to react .

As recognition for this product grows, cities and counties around the country are placing into law the need for an effective Barriertm between the residence and the pool. Where this tactic has been employed, toddler drownings have been reduced substantially. As a Pool Barrier™ Dealer you’ll become an expert and a guide to Pool Safety!