Why Pool Barrier?

Pool Barrier™ Safety Fence helps keep your pool a place for fun — not concern.

At Pool Barrier™, we don’t believe in taking chances. Concerned parents know it takes only seconds for a heartbreaking accident to occur. That’s why we have developed a pool fencing system that has been chosen by thousands of safety-conscious parents to keep their pool a place to enjoy.

How Safe?
Pool Barrier™ fencing plus adult supervision gives the ultimate in protection between your home and pool. All Pool Barrier™ fencing is installed by factory-trained authorized dealers to meet our exacting standards.

Safety Poles & Gates
The extra-strong, marine quality aluminum poles which support Pool Barrier™ fences were engineered specifically for us with unique TRI-Core construction for added rigidity.


They are force-fitted into non-conductive plastic sleeves embedded in the pool’s surrounding deck surface.

The fencing is available in heights of 42″, 48″, and 60″ heights, meeting every customer’s need and all building codes. Gates are equipped with strong, rust-resistant, safety latches.

Durable Fabric
The extra-tough, see-through TEXTILENE® mesh of Pool Barrier™ fencing is vinyl coated to resist fading, mildew and soiling. It is so strong that it will resist tearing even if cut. Not even a high speed tricycle will penetrate it.

Easily Removable.
On those occasions when you want open access to your pool area, an adult can disassemble and wind up the fencing, in just minutes!

Convenient caps are provided to cover the insert sleeves when the fence is not in use.

Full Warranty
Every part of Pool Barrier™ fencing- poles, mesh, and hardware – is unconditionally guaranteed, under normal use, for as long as the original purchaser owns the fence.

Free Estimate

Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to send a Pool Barrier™ representative to your home. At no cost or obligation to you, we’ll do a free safety survey and estimate of the cost to install Pool Barrier™ fencing to protect your children. Act Now. Your Pool Barrier™ fencing can be installed in a few hours.